AC2E: Accuracy, Communication, Credit, Efficiency

About Us

Originally known as E-strategy Company, E-strategy Marketing Survey was founded in June 2001. In the first three years, it made investment in three industries, namely restaurant, public relations and marketing survey. Five years later, in 2006, it decided to concentrate on market survey as its core business, a practice that aims to fight off fierce competition from within and without and to put in a performance that gives cause for customer satisfaction.

Equipments & Skills

CATI-WEB For providing precise and fast information, we create CATI-WEB system, we name it “CATI-ESS”. CATI-ESS own web interface , it can support  both internet interview and telephone interview.

Focus group interviewing room(FGI room) There are one-way mirror,observation room and video and sound record equipment in FGI room. For achieving high performance of qualitative analysis, recorder will take down every detail of each conference.


Survey method

Quantitative research
Data Anaysis

Quantitative research:Statistic analysis
Qualatative research



E-strategy deeply cares about interactive communication with its clients in the hope of being able to arrive at a “Total solution.”